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What is actually in what I order? Consumers of cosmetic products are increasingly asking themselves this question. Sales of natural cosmetics in Germany have roughly doubled in the past ten years - to a level of around 1.46 billion euros in 2020.* Our unisex brand offers high-quality natural cosmetics that protect our valuable water resource with every product application remind. Whether rich skincare for all skin types, nourishing body washes for the home spa or waterless bars for that extra portion of sustainability in the bathroom: Our wide range of facial, body and hair care products allows you to put together an individual assortment, tailored to your store or online shop.

*Statista - Sales of natural cosmetics in Germany up to 2020

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With STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! in your store or online shop you show that the well-being of your customers is just as important to you as our environment. With our biodegradable and animal-free products of 100% natural origin, you can only expand your range with the best of the best, because they protect both skin and hair, as well as the water cycle. Our unique appeal also demonstrably ensures a drastic reduction in water and thus energy consumption. In addition, your customers can save up to 80% plastic with our refills and automatically donate to our worldwide water protection and drinking water projects with every purchase.

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