Water is considered a pure luxury in Madagascar's capital , two thirds of the population live without access to clean water. On the occasion of the UN World Water Day 2017, we supply up to 500 families with clean drinking water every day with the help of our partner organization WSUP . 1 KIOSK. 5000 LITERS OF WATER In the capital Antananarivo, water is a pure luxury, because around two thirds of the population on the large island off the south-east African coast live without access to clean drinking water. This is where our new water project comes in: By connecting to municipal water pipes, the supply network in the poorer districts can be expanded and the residents can fill canisters with fresh, filtered drinking water for a reasonable fee adapted to their living conditions. This saves long transport routes and reduces illnesses many times over.

Together with the organization Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP ), we not only built the kiosk, but also carried out appropriate hygiene and maintenance training as well as management training for the mostly female kiosk operators. “The cooperation with STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! makes us very happy and enables us to supply the urban areas of Antananarivo with clean drinking water,” says Sylvie Ramanantsoa, ​​WSUP Country Program Manager. "Such a water kiosk can supply up to 5,000 liters of water per day , which means that around 500 low-income people and families in the vicinity are supplied with fresh drinking water in the long term."

Our WATER KIOSK campaign is designed to last several years and is intended to help people to help themselves: “The GOOD WATER PROJECTS are a matter close to our hearts and the WATER KIOSK project in particular is a new, exciting experience for us. In addition to the guaranteed water supply, we also enable jobs and thus promote the local economy in the long term," adds Managing Director Kaya-Line Knust.

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