Water for Karamoja

On the occasion of our 10th anniversary of the UN World Water Day on March 22, 2021, we have good news to announce: From now on we will receive active support for our water initiative GOOD WATER PROJECTS.

Together with the Hamburg "All Profit" organization Viva con Agua we will organize the area of ​​drinking water supply in the future. The non-profit association has been working since 2006 to ensure that everyone has access to clean drinking water, hygiene facilities and basic sanitary services. Viva con Agua's approach corresponds exactly to ours, because instead of examples of grief and pointing fingers, our friends rely on universal languages ​​such as music, art and sport to sensitize people to this topic and to generate donations - in our opinion, exactly the right and holistic approach. The international water projects of the NGOs are also sustainable and have improved the living conditions of over 3 million people in recent years. 

Our new project takes us to Karamoja - and thus to the West Nile region in Uganda. In collaboration with Viva con Aqua and their long-term project partners - Welthungerhilfe, a completely new project will start here from March 2021. Viva con Aqua has been active in the Karamoja region since 2015 and in the West Nile region since 2018 in cooperation with local NGOs. A clear advantage, because the previous knowledge and experiences in Uganda can be used specifically for the new project - especially their holistic WASH approach. WASH stands for water, sanitation and hygiene and focuses on improving both health and education. In order to achieve a sustainable and long-term success of the projects, the universal language is used in workshops with a special focus on work in schools. The main goal of the new project is to give the communities in both regions access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. The project duration is three years. After this period, all project partners get an interim conclusion in order to gain new knowledge from the implementations that have been carried out and then to be able to work on the project even more precisely and to extend the work by another two years. 

In order to implement the holistic approach, the construction and commissioning of solar-powered water supply systems are being planned in schools and communities. In addition, new wells are to be drilled and corresponding water user committees are to be trained in the respective communities. In addition, existing boreholes and wells are being rehabilitated and improved. Another focus of the joint project activity is the formation and training of 20 WASH School Clubs and the promotion and establishment of dry composting toilets. To preserve natural water catchment areas, Viva con Agua is reforesting and planting 20,000 trees as part of the project. 

As always, the project is financed by our sales proceeds: 1% of our annual proceeds have flowed into the worldwide water protection initiative since the founding of our GOOD WATER PROJECTS . Additional donations are generated through the sales proceeds of our # PROTESTTHISSHIT campaign on the occasion of the UN World Water Day 2021: In support of ARMEDANGELS we have strictly limited protest shirts for this purpose created from organic cotton, from which the complete sales proceeds will be donated to the new project work with Viva con Agua. 

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