What is solid conditioner?

Solid conditioner – what is it about nourishing care in one go?

Today, healthy, shiny and strong hair is part of a well-groomed appearance and contributes significantly to well-being. While a hair shampoo , also a solid shampoo, effectively cleanses the scalp and hair, a conditioner or solid conditioner takes care of the nourishing care of your hair. But what is it about a solid hair conditioner, what are the advantages of the pieces and how do you use them correctly? We have taken a closer look at this for you below.

Why use a conditioner at all?

After washing your hair, hairdressers and hair experts recommend using a conditioner, which is also known in this country as a conditioner. While a shampoo consists primarily of cleansing ingredients, a conditioner is rich in nourishing ingredients that nourish the hair comprehensively. A shampoo therefore has the task of freeing the hair from environmental dirt, sebum and styling residues with washing-active substances.

In order to clean the hair effectively, the outer cuticle layer is roughened and opened. The hair conditioner applied afterwards supplies the hair with important nutrients and seals the open cuticle layer again. This creates a smooth surface and a protective shield against external influences. At the same time, the risk of hair breakage is reduced, and split ends and moisture can be absorbed more easily. The result is hair that is smoother, shinier and easier to comb.

What is a solid hair conditioner?

So far we have mainly known liquid or creamy conditioners. Now this solid conditioner has a lot of competition. This is a particularly sustainable, solid hair conditioner in one piece, from which the water has been removed - pure sustainability ! When it comes to ingredients, solid conditioners are in no way inferior to conventional variants. They are also rich in nutrients that nourish the hair comprehensively. When buying a solid conditioner, make sure that, like us, it consists of 100% natural, vegan, animal-free and biodegradable active ingredients. A high-quality solid hair conditioner also does not contain synthetic colourants, fragrances and preservatives as well as paraffins, silicones and microplastics.

A solid shampoo is the ideal partner for brittle and dry hair. It provides the hair with a lot of moisture, smoothes the hair surface and seals it after shampooing. The absorbed moisture is locked in. Nourishing ingredients in a solid conditioner also repair damaged hair from root to tip, leaving hair strong, supple and shiny that is easier to comb.

A solid conditioner in the test - what are the advantages of the solid hair conditioner?

Our solid conditioner in the test shows that the application brings some notable advantages:

  • Solid conditioner does not require water.
  • The product creates less waste during production.
  • It comes in plastic-free and sustainable packaging.
  • Many solid conditioners in the test are made from natural ingredients, are vegan, cruelty-free and biodegradable.
  • Paraffins, silicones and microplastics are not used.
  • The conditioner in one piece can be easily transported and stored in a space-saving manner.
  • Compared to a liquid conditioner, the solid hair conditioner is much more economical.

How do you use a solid hair conditioner?

If you have only used liquid hair conditioners before, using a solid conditioner can take some getting used to. Nevertheless, the correct use is uncomplicated and quickly becomes routine.

That's how it's done:

  • Wash your hair as usual (preferably with a solid shampoo).
  • Rub solid conditioner in damp hands and spread the rub through the hair, or more simply, glide the solid conditioner over damp hair.
  • Distribute well down the lengths, but avoid the hairline.
  • Leave on for a short time.
  • Then rinse carefully with water.

It is important after use that you let the solid conditioner dry well. The ideal places to store it are in a soap pouch or soap dish like our 3-in-1 Soap Box made from sugar cane.

What makes our solid conditioner special?

The solid conditioner is completely waterless and CO₂-compensated by hand in Germany. Of course, like all of our products, the solid hair conditioner is cruelty-free and vegan (except for our products with honey). When formulating the ingredients, we used an exquisite combination of mango butter, broccoli seed oil and organic argan oil for the solid conditioner. Thus, the solid conditioner cares for the hair intensively, provides moisture and even prevents hair damage. In addition to water, we have also dispensed with microplastics, mineral oil, silicones, paraffins and fragrances. The solid conditioner consists exclusively of natural, biodegradable active ingredients. The solid conditioner is suitable for all hair types. In addition, we pack the piece care plastic-free in recyclable paper.

Hair care with a real, good feeling: We have made it our task to make a difference with our products. To commit ourselves and to contribute to the preservation of this beautiful planet. Every day. When you buy the solid conditioner, a portion goes to our GOOD WATER PROJECTS initiative. We also supplement our efforts with regular water-related campaigns.

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