What is a shampoo bar?

Solid shampoo - how does hair cleaning work in one go?

Did you know that shampoo doesn't always have to be liquid? Solid shampoo has been conquering the shelves of hair care products for some time and has established itself as a real alternative to conventional shampoos. In our article below you will find out what is special about shampoo in solid form, what advantages it brings, how you use it and how you can store solid shampoo, both at home and when travelling.

What is a shampoo bar?

At first glance, a shampoo bar looks like an ordinary bar of soap. Many also firmly confuse shampoo with hair washing soaps, which have been on the market for eco-conscious products for a little longer. The fact that hair washing soaps have never really caught on is due to the fact that although they make ecological sense, the result leaves a lot to be desired. After washing your hair with a hair soap, the hair is usually dull and not very attractive. This is mainly due to the high pH value of the hair soaps, which roughens our hair structure and makes it look dull.

The situation is different with a solid shampoo. A solid shampoo works like a liquid shampoo. The only difference is that the shampoo does not require water. At the same time, it contains neither silicones nor paraffins or other raw materials based on mineral oil. In a nutshell: solid shampoo contains hardly any water, is free of questionable ingredients and still works like a normal shampoo.

Sounds good? It is!

What are the advantages of a solid shampoo?

Solid shampoos bring a whole range of advantages. Which are they? We will tell you below.

Good ingredients - less is more!

A solid shampoo is dehydrated, which means it does not need water. It is important to look closely at the ingredients. Good and environmentally friendly shampoos in solid form do without silicones, paraffins and sulfates and are based on natural ingredients - 100% natural cosmetics .

Plastic-free - exactly our thing!

Of course, liquid shampoos can also be made from recycled material in an environmentally friendly way. However, the packaging of shampoo bars only requires a small amount of recycled paper or other eco-friendly fibers to wrap them in.

Longevity - more time together!

A solid shampoo is significantly more productive than the liquid counterpart. And that's remarkable. Just a thumbs up, one shampoo without water replaces around two bottles of liquid shampoo. Good for the environment and for your wallet.

Effective – cleaned hair in top form!

Like a liquid shampoo, solid shampoo cleans the hair efficiently and gives the hair a subtle fragrance. Only the foaming is a little less. In most cases there is no transition phase. You can switch directly without worrying.

Storage – handy and practical!

Another advantage is the handy size of a shampoo in one piece. It is significantly more space-saving, cannot leak and can even be carried in hand luggage on any journey.

How do you use solid shampoos?

A solid shampoo may be a bit unfamiliar when you wash your hair for the first time, but you quickly get the hang of it.
That's how it's done:

  • Wash hair with water as usual.
  • Massage the solid shampoo into the scalp and hair in circular movements, lather and distribute well.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Ready

It is normal for a shampoo bar to produce less foam compared to a liquid shampoo. But don't worry, a lot of foam does not automatically mean a better result. Shampoo without water effectively cleanses the scalp and hair even with little foam. Would you like to learn more about using our shampoo bar? For more details please have a look here: waterless – how to use .

Tip: In order to provide your hair with important nutrients and care for it after shampooing, we recommend a solid conditioner .

Store shampoo bar – at home

While conventional shampoos come in a bottle and thus eliminate the question of storage, the loose piece of shampoo does not have water. With the right storage you ensure the service life as well as hygienic use.
That's how it's done:

  • Keep in contact with as little additional water as possible while washing your hair.
  • After washing your hair, let it air dry well.
  • Store in a soap dish that allows excess water to drain.
  • Alternatively, a soap bag is suitable.

Tip: Use our plastic-free 3-in-1 soap box made from sugar cane to store your shampoo bar.

Store solid shampoo – when travelling

A solid shampoo is ideal for travel because it takes up less space and can even be carried in hand luggage due to the removal of water. To ensure that the shampoo arrives at its destination in one piece and undamaged, it is best to pack it in a can that you can close. This also gives you a storage option after use on site.
Tip: Traveling becomes even easier with our Waterless Travel Minis .

What makes our shampoo without water?

Did you know that conventional liquid products contain up to 80% water? Our solid shampoos, on the other hand, get by without the valuable resource. It goes without saying that our water-free shampoos are made from 100% natural, biodegradable ingredients and contain no silicone, paraffins or other mineral oil-based raw materials. Instead, organic coconut oil and stinging nettle extract are used in the solid shampoo. Coconut side ensure a gentle cleaning effect. The solid shampoo is suitable for all hair types. In addition, our solid piece is packed in plastic-free recyclable paper and thus makes a valuable contribution to sustainability !

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