These guys will make you go nuts! - Interview with "Vegan is unhealthy"

“Vegan is unhealthy” – what now? And boom, you're in the clutches of the two charming influencers Aljosha Muttardi and Gordon Prox. And so much can already be revealed: yes, the two YouTube high-flyers are of course also vegans. Whether sarcasm or irony is preferred, what sustainability actually means and where size matters in the end - we met Aljosha, half of the duo, for a very personal interview.


Name: Aljosha Muttardi
Real age: 32
Age felt: 17 1/2
Soul Food: & Pizza Bruschetta, Summer Rolls, Lasagna, Tortillas, Burritos, Pad Thai...
Favorite bands: Teletubbies
Zodiac Sign : Capricorn  

Vegan is... 

...the simplest and most effective way to do something for the environment, for the animals, against violence and for your health (vegan is not the same as healthy, but it is whole plant-based ;-) ). It is and remains the best decision of my life.  

Minimalist vs. maximalist – where do you see yourself? 

Somewhere in the middle. I think the principle of minimalism is great, but I'm still working on it. I think it's really important to acknowledge that everyone has their own pace. We should value and encourage change, not criticize that people are not perfect or consistent enough!  

“Size does matter” – what do you think that applies to? 

On packaging. The more content, the more environmentally friendly because there is less packaging. Applies to your monster shampoo as well ;-D.  

What does sustainability mean to you? 

Being aware of your choices and consumption patterns. Every purchase is a ballot. It doesn't mean being perfect, it means creating awareness. Every rain starts with a drop, and if it's "just" the bamboo toothbrush or you try to shower less... It's a start! Stay on the ball, inform yourself and others and keep going!  

What do you think of waterless piece products? Do you have any application tips? 

It's great! Saves packaging and resources. My hair loves it too and it lasts forever!  

Your 3 must-haves for the desert island? 
  1. friend / partner

  2. Sunscreen (I want to go to a sunny island if at all)

  3. stock of food?

 What are you really scared of? 

That we humans don't scratch the curve anymore because we are too ignorant/selfish/blinded/greedy for money.  

Was everything better in the past? 

It depends on. In general, I believe that many things are better today and that we have generally developed further (human rights, etc., even if there is still good work to be done). But I think that people used to have more appreciation for food/environment/consumption. Also, it feels like everything is getting "faster"...  

What does water as a resource mean to you? 

It should be a fundamental right. Water is essential for this planet and all its fellow inhabitants.  

What can't you get enough of? 

Great people from our community who write to us again and again that we were able to encourage them to rethink. In general, we have the greatest community! We also learn a lot from them!  

What superpower would you like to have? 

I would like to show ALL PEOPLE what is behind the products they buy. So if someone bought a steak/schnitzel/cheese etc. then he/she would immediately see which animal was killed and how. Now that sounds harsh, but it would create so much awareness! So my superpower would be consciousness...and after that I'll pay for psychotherapy for everyone to process the trauma :D.  

Irony or sarcasm? 


Haul or let's play? 

let's play  

Which headline would you like to read in the future? 

Unbelievable: In Hamburg, a man was arrested who ate a schnitzel. The man, 34 years old from Buxtehude, said he made sure that the animal died painlessly. It's utopia, but I wish that in the future killing animals (any kind) would be seen as absurd as enslaving people is today!  

What question should we have asked you? 

How was your digestion today? Good, thanks!  

Who has the last word? 

I think Gordon thinks it's him, but mostly I am... because he annoys me so much! :D  

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