The reason why

A personal exchange is extremely important to us. That's why we've taken the time over the past few days to talk to you directly and to answer as many open questions as possible about working with Beiersdorf. We would like to share the motives and the most central questions and answers with you on our blog.

What is the motivation for working with Beiersdorf? 

Of course, our partnership raises questions, we totally understand that. We have been campaigning for water protection since 2011 - at a time when talking about resource protection was not yet "en vogue". With our mission, we have achieved a great deal over the years and have been able to provide numerous impetus. We are extremely proud of that. During this time, we have experienced ups and downs as a brand (and also as a team). After our founder and managing director suddenly died two years ago, we first had to collect ourselves and get on our feet - a highly intensive phase that we fortunately mastered. But we also always knew that we wanted to continue to grow in order to realize our mission and our purpose - to protect, save and donate water. We have always been convinced that every impulse, no matter how small, can make a big difference. And we set many of these impulses all by ourselves. Our claim as a start-up and small company has always been to make a difference and take a pioneering role ahead of the "big ones". And without competition, without elbows and without hatred. For us, the solution was always small before big - and not against it. 

We are convinced that the problems of our time can be solved if we work on them together. For us, the path we are taking with this cooperation is a possible path that you can take as a young company. You could see our path as a kind of "field test" to move something from within - to let the impulses work from the inside out, so to speak. In order for this to work, it is essential that we maintain our independence and focus, as this is the only way this project can work for both sides. And we want this “pilot project” to work and we want to make a difference together. That is why we have committed to working together with Beiersdorf on solutions for more sustainable action and to developing joint sustainability initiatives in the areas of climate protection and resource conservation. Because our declared goal is to create a win-win-win solution for all parties. In other words, one that not only benefits both partners, but also society and the environment. In order to live up to this claim, we will work on concrete measures in the context of joint and regular think tanks. 

And why Beiersdorf in particular? Because we think that the traditional Hamburg company represents different values ​​than many corporations out there. And no, we don't agree with all the decisions made by this company – we don't have to either. But with many things, such as the commitment to sustainability. And everything we don't agree with, we want to try to break up. We believe in their desire to learn from us. And that is exactly why we are convinced that together we will create many very good and right projects in the direction of sustainability. And can thus achieve our greatest goal: to push our message and our purpose for the topic of water even bigger and more globally. 

For all other questions about the cooperation of STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! and Beiersdorf are happy to contact us at any time at the following email address: 


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