Skip Care: Because Your Skin Needs More Of Less

Facial tonic, peeling, day and night cream, serum, mask, anti-aging... Too much and too much mixed up. Our skin is naturally capable of regulating its pH balance and moisture levels itself. We can support you with targeted and economical skin care. But be careful: less is more! Too much skin care can unbalance the skin and can lead to addiction or worsening of the skin condition. We explain why too much skin care is not good and how to do it right. Because the new trend is called: Skip Care!


Studies show that cosmetics are the most common cause of sensitive and irritated skin. And unfortunately it's not just about the thick layer of makeup, but also about care products. After all, the skin is an organ and tries to react to every single substance that is fed to it. This means that the more different products we use, the more our skin has to react, adapt, process – that means stress. And when it gets too much, our skin is overwhelmed and becomes sensitive and irritated. 


A large number of applications, in which different products are applied to the skin one on top of the other, can lead to the skin being over-treated and thus to a weakening of its own skin barrier - we need exactly this barrier to protect ourselves from irritation or bacteria. Overcare is characterized, for example, by irritated, impure, sensitive or dry skin. But be careful: In such cases, those affected tend to want to care for their skin even better and with even more products - which unfortunately has the opposite effect if you overcare. And when the time has come that the skin has lost its barrier due to over-care, then according to dermatologists only the zero cure often helps, i.e. completely dispensing with cleaning and care products. No creams, no masks, no make-up - total abstinence, so to speak. 


The new big trend in this area comes from Korea and is called "Skip Care". The aim here is to reduce your own range of skincare products to a few essential and highly effective products. Instead of ten different steps between cleansing, peeling, serum and mask, you actually only need one product for cleansing and a few simple care products that are at best natural and without barrier killers for the skin. The announcement is: cleanse-tone-moisturise...nothing more. Simple cleansing and economical natural care that leaves the skin in its own balance. And that with as few products as possible - so it also saves space, time and money... and most importantly: it saves bad skin days. And no one really wants that... 

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