Our new water project TREE FOR DROP

Healthy oceans are crucial in the fight against climate change as they are one of the most important CO2 sinks in our ecosystem - so protecting them is essential. At the same time, CO2 emissions are your natural enemy, because while our waters are getting warmer and warmer thanks to global warming, they also absorb around a third of the carbon dioxide emitted. This leads to their own permanent warming and acidification - and thus to drastic consequences for the environment and living beings.

Forests in particular make a significant contribution to climate and water protection at this point. Because while they also store significant amounts of CO2, forest soils also serve as natural water reservoirs and increase the groundwater supply. In addition, they act as a cleaning and filter system and thus ensure permanently clean drinking and ground water. 

And that's exactly why we are now committed to our natural climate protectors: together with our partner organization ClimatePartner, we start by bringing light into the darkness of our own CO2 emissions. In doing so, we illuminate every single step of our production and our company and thus bring transparency to our entire CO2 footprint - this way savings can be defined and changes made. Unfortunately, we still have unavoidable emissions, which we permanently offset with the help of recognized and certified climate and water protection projects. While we so in the first turn our complete Waterless care series as climate-neutralized , we are also supporting a new, exciting water protection project with our global initiative GOOD WATER PROJECTS : TREE FOR DROP. 


With our new water protection project TREE FOR DROP, we want to make a holistic and forward-looking contribution and thus create a lasting positive impact on our climate. The project is divided into two individual climate projects: 

Project Ecomapuá in northeastern Brazil

The project serves to protect almost 90,000 hectares of Amazon rainforest in Pará, Brazil. In Pará there is a special and very own ecosystem, the "Várzea" at the mouth of the Amazon. As a transport artery, the Amazon favors agriculture and animal husbandry – which in turn results in deforested areas. The Ecomapuá project protects the forest and prohibits commercial logging. In addition, it offers more than 90 local families an alternative source of income, for example by trading in popular superfoods such as açaí fruits. In addition to the two SDGs "13 measures for climate protection" and "15 land on life", the project supports, among other things, the fight against hunger, the construction of schools, the creation of more than 300 decent jobs and the promotion of local economic growth. In this way, the project makes a lasting contribution to the development of one of the poorest regions in Brazil and is therefore certified not only with the Verified Carbon Standard but also with the Social Carbon Standard. 

Afforestation project with the German Forest Protection Association

In addition, we are involved with the Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald eV for the permanent reforestation of regional forests. Specifically, in a campaign related to our "Unlimited Impact" campaign, we are planting a tree for every climate-neutralized Waterless product sold - and in this way we would like to finance 1,000 new seedlings over the course of this year. In addition, our new partner Beiersdorf is doubling our water protection campaign and planting another 1,000 trees through their project partner Drinking Water Forest eV. The long-established Hamburg company has not only financed the sustainable planting of tens of thousands of seedlings over the last few years, but also helped with some of the areas. 


With our new water protection project, we are fulfilling the first step in our dream of a climate-positive future. Because in addition to guaranteeing permanent CO2 storage and the protection of important forest areas, we will be able to generate around 300,000 liters of clean drinking water annually thanks to the reforestation of our first 2,000 seedlings. In the future we plan to plant many more trees - and thus make a lasting positive impact on our climate and water protection. 

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