Sustainable Travel - Interview with Charlotte

Vegan, environmental protection activist and pug mom – Charlotte Weise, from Hamburg, lets us be part of her sustainable life via Instagram in a charming and cheerful way. In an interview, the 27-year-old tells us about her experiences with zero-waste travel, her must-haves for the desert island and which famous people she would like to vacation with.


Name: Charlotte Wise
Real age: 27
Estimated age: 27
Bucket list destination: Barcelona
Favorite band : Franc Moody
Zodiac sign: Libra   

What does sustainability mean to you? 

For me, sustainability means not throwing away my leather jacket and leather shoes, for example, but wearing them until they can no longer be repaired. For me it also means that I move consciously on earth and pay attention to the environment and fellow human beings, so that the earth is preserved for us living beings. 

Where will your next vacation take you? 

On October 3rd we are moving to Barcelona to the beach. I'm on vacation there every day :-) 

Your ultimate tips for sustainable travel? 

Pack solid shampoos and soaps, pack a water bottle and lunch boxes, use sunscreen that is harmless to the sea, preferably not fly or compensate for the flight. 

What does water mean to you? Do you also pay attention to your water footprint when you are out and about? 

For me, water means purity and freedom. When I swim in the sea I feel fresh, free and pure. In Germany I only drink tap water to avoid plastic. I try never to take long showers and hardly ever bathe.  

What do you think of piece products for on the go? What tips do you have for packing them well (e.g. glass, Tupperware, etc.)? 

I think piece products are great! I have them in a hemp bag and will soon buy an aluminum can. 

What are your top 3 most sustainable travel destinations? 

Going on vacation in Germany is super nice and very environmentally conscious. I love Sylt, Darß Fischland and the Baltic Sea beach Schlossgut Groß Schwansee. 

Your 3 ultimate desert island must-haves? 

Music, good mood, delicious fruit and water. 

Which celebrity would you like to vacation with? And where? 

I would love to have a coffee with Christoph Maria Herbst in Hamburg. That would definitely be funny. 

Are there any special platforms or channels you use to find out more about sustainable travel? 

Lilis Diary always gives good tips :-) 

Zero-waste travel - does it even work? 

In the south (France, Spain, Italy and Co.) it's still really difficult - there's a lot of plastic and Nestlé products everywhere. And there is no drinking water from the tap and so you need water bottles made of plastic or glass again. Before that, it scares me even in Barcelona!

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