Interview with Rabea Schiff

She is often referred to as "The German Alexa Chung": moderator, style expert and fashion and art lover Rabea Schif has become an integral part of the German fashion scene. In our interview, the likeable 42-year-old tells us why the topics of sustainability and natural cosmetics are particularly important to the Frankfurt native, what connection she has with water as a resource and with which celebrity she would like to be stranded on a lonely island.

What does sustainability mean to you? 

Sustainability is very important to me. Especially nowadays, with unstoppable climate change and its effects, we all have a responsibility towards our planet. Without Mother Earth we have no home. Each one of us can help save and protect the planet. Ever since I became really aware of this, living as sustainably as possible has become even more important to me. It's the little things that I change in my behavior that make a contribution to the big picture. 

As a grandmother, what ultimate skincare tip will you pass on to your granddaughters? 

Less is more – use little make-up and always remove make-up at night! Also, drink plenty of water and only use products that are 100% organic because there are far too many chemical ingredients that you unknowingly put on your skin that then get into your blood and can be toxic. 

Do you pay attention to your carbon footprint? 

In any case! I try to pay attention to this, especially when travelling, in the household, when shopping and with my diet. I try to take the train whenever possible and avoid flying where I can, leave my car as often as I can and ride my bike or run. In the household I mostly wash at 30 degrees, only use products that are biodegradable, pay attention to recyclable or compostable packaging, turn off the water when brushing my teeth and showering when I don't need it. I have also been vegetarian for many years, try to be vegan several days a week, buy mainly regionally and only use care products that are organic. In any case, there are still many points where I could live more consciously, but I always say to myself, every little helps, and doing something is always better than not paying attention at all. 

What do you look for when choosing your facial care? 

That the products are organic and largely plant-based. And on recyclable packaging. 

Your top 3 beauty must-haves? 

A moisturizing facial cleanser, a nourishing, rich facial cream and a good scrub are important to me. 

Which celebrity would you like to be stranded on a desert island with? 

Ohhh... it's hard to decide... Well, to keep me laughing, I'd pick Ricky Gervais and Will Ferrell, and definitely Justin Bieber for some eye candy and musical entertainment. And I can imagine that James Corden would also be a good contemporary. 

3 Instagram channels that are your personal source of inspiration? 

For style and fashion de @luvalyssamiller , for interior and house inspo @somewhereiwouldliketolive . When I just feel like looking at nice pictures @c__l__o and @nowness – oops, now there were more than 3 ;-) 

What trend in the beauty industry have you never understood? 

I don't understand why so many women these days are either getting botox or lip augmentation. I think every human being is unique and beautiful just as they were created. We weren't created to look like an Instagram filter and like everyone else. What happened to the trend "Beauty comes from within?" Individuality is so important, but unfortunately many seem to have forgotten that in the age of social media. 

Be honest: How many cosmetic products do you roughly have in your bathroom? 

Hmmm... to be honest, I have no idea, because I have to admit that I also get a lot of products for free these days. That's why I now have a very large collection of products, so there must be more than 100... Oh dear, quite a lot - how embarrassing! ;-) 

In your opinion, does the beauty industry already take enough responsibility when it comes to environmental protection? 

A lot has definitely happened in the beauty industry in recent years in terms of environmental protection, but I think there is still a lot of room for improvement in every industry and there is definitely still a lot that can be done. 

What does water as a resource mean to you? 

I remember when I was in a bar and didn't want to drink alcohol that night. I ordered a water with the comment - "I know this is boring now, but I would like a water". Then the bartender said – “Boring?! Water is never boring, after all it is the elixir of life!” Since then, I respect and celebrate water even more than before. Water is the raw material of life: Every organism consists of a certain percentage of water and it needs water to survive. Without water we would all die and this planet would no longer exist. So how can you not love and appreciate water! 

Which beauty essentials should you not be without when travelling? 

Cleanser, face cream, lip balm, concealer, eyebrow pencil 

What question should we have asked you? 

Good question! tell me ;-) 


Copyright: Franziska Ambach 

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