Interview Micha Fritz – Viva con Agua

Micha Fritz, co-founder of the all-profit organization Viva con Agua, has been campaigning for clean drinking water, hygiene facilities and basic sanitation since 2006. In our interview, he tells us how and why the self-proclaimed activist fights tirelessly for this.


Name: Michael Fritz
Age: 37 years
Profession: Activist
Residence: Here and there - Viva con Agua
Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Here are a few ping-pong questions to warm you up: 

water or wine? 

water, always water 

green or blue 

Blue - or cyan, as it is the logo of Viva con Agua. 

skateboard or surfboard? 

Skateboard as it is essential to the Millerntor Gallery production. 

mountains or sea? 

Both. I'm always a fan of both/and, not either/or. 

Here we go! Dear Micha, we are both getting older! We are celebrating our 10th birthday and last year you already had 15 years of Viva con Agua under your belt. How does that feel? 

That may sound strange now, but it's like the first day. Of course we are also aware that we have already created something and for some people were also the source of inspiration to start something meaningful with their potential. But I still burn like the first day when I get to meet a new flash, new potential or just awesome people. 

Let's start again: How did the idea for Viva con Agua actually come about? 

Only Benjamin Adrion, who was still an active player at FC Sankt Pauli at the time, can actually tell this story. We've known each other since we were 15 or something. We went to school together, back then in “Schwabenländle”. In the beginning I mainly supported Benny in his vision and at some point it also became my vision and mission. Honestly - we couldn't have done anything more meaningful with our lives. 

When you get old, you look back a lot. Which milestones were particularly formative for you? 

Wow, there really are quite a few now. Every founding was a milestone - plus some really exceptional actions and campaigns that we've done over time. Here are our milestones:

  • Founding of Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli eV (2006)
  • Viva con Agua at Festivals (2007)
  • Viva con Agua WATER! MARCH (2008)
  • Foundation of Viva con Agua Switzerland (2009)
  • Founding of the Viva con Agua Foundation (2010)
  • Start Viva con Agua mineral water (2010)
  • First Millerntor Gallery Festival (2011)
  • First Hitchhike Race hitchhikers (2011)
  • Foundation of Viva con Agua Austria (2013)
  • Founding of Goldeimer (2013)
  • Founding of Viva con Agua ARTS gGmbH (2015)
  • Foundation of Viva con Agua Uganda (2017)
  • Start of the #waterisahumanright campaign (2017)
  • Viva con Agua WATERWALK (2017)
  • Foundation of Viva con Agua California (2019)
  • Foundation of Viva con Agua South Africa (2020)
  • Home Villa Viva Backpack Cape Town (2021) 
But you also look ahead a lot. What is your vision for the future of Viva con Agua? 

Our big vision is that one day everyone will have access to both clean drinking water and decent sanitation. Until then, we will try to get as many people as possible to get involved in social projects - including with Viva con Agua, the Millerntor Gallery, Goldeimer and most recently with Villa Viva. 

We deal with the same topic every day: the vital resource of water and its protection. Why is the issue of water more important than ever? 

Especially in times of Covid19, many people understand for the first time what a privilege it is to be able to wash their hands. Water is the most elementary part of our lives and is often not valued as much as it should be in western regions. Because we take water for granted. It has never been missing. It was always there. 

Our campaign has the catchy title “WE CAN'T BELIEVE WE STILL HAVE TO PROTEST THIS SHIT”. What does activism mean to you? Would you describe yourself as an activist? 

I've never really been interested in what label people give me. I see it more like this: I'm everything for you - the main thing is that you get involved! So I'm an activist, entrepreneur or ADHD Kevin - whatever it needs that you get active... So whatever it needs to get active. 

Do you think there is enough activism around water conservation? 

Activism must be an essential part of all activities, ventures, campaigns. 

Which activist would you like to meet for a candlelight dinner? 

With all those who have lost their lives for standing up for their beliefs. 

Which headline would you like to read in the future? 

It is finished. All people in the world have access to clean drinking water. 

What question should we have asked you? 

What would have to happen for all people in the world to get involved together? 

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