Interview Hanna Schumi

Skin + influencer = skin influencer! One of the most famous "skin influencers" in the German-speaking world knows that this bill will attract a large number of fans: Hanna Schumi. As a beauty blogger, podcaster and art director, Hanna has been on the lookout for the most important trends in the beauty industry for almost a decade. We met the likeable Austrian for a tête-à-tête.

Your top 3 must-haves when it comes to facial care? 

A thorough cleaning that is not too aggressive, moisture in any form and sun protection. 

Where do you see the advantages of natural cosmetics for facial care compared to conventional cosmetics? 

In my work, I consciously don't take either side, because both approaches have advantages and disadvantages. Natural cosmetics are often easier to understand for the consumer because the no-nos are clearer and the NK seal says something about the products. This brings security and clarity to consumers at a time when the beauty market seems unmanageable. 

What do I have to pay attention to with natural cosmetics facial care? 

That you can tolerate them. It's the same with everything you take in and consume with your body. It doesn't matter whether the care has a seal (ergo: bought the seal), is organic or 90% organic, whether the care is only natural or really eco: in the end you have to tolerate it. Means: try it out. There's just no getting around it, even if a lot of people think they can skip the step when I've tested it, for example. But: Our skin is as unique as we are. I always say: Ask for samples, test, try it out, sniff it and talk to other people about it. 

The latest beauty trend is “skip care”. What does that mean exactly and how do you feel about it? 

Haha cool, I didn't know this was a trend! I've been doing this for years and actually never use more than 3 products, a maximum of 4 with sun protection, but I also often use that directly after the serum. I think it's absolutely enough and not just a trend. In the evenings I sometimes skip completely and go to bed completely topless after cleaning. Sometimes I just feel like it and that feels good and right because I can now “listen” to my own skin so well. Less is more, you don't need that much in the end... 

As a grandmother, what is the ultimate skin care tip you would pass on to your grandchildren? 

Care for the BIG face. As they say in English: Skincare is from the scalp to the nipples. One often forgets that the scalp is also skin and it also goes on under the chin. The area from the neck to the décolleté is often not cared for at all because it doesn't belong in any category in people's minds - neither face nor body care. There is no STOP or GO built into the products: So pull facial care down to the breasts (for women).  

Be honest: How many cosmetic products do you have in your bathroom? 

I honestly can't tell you because my bathroom, since I no longer have an office and warehouse, is a mixture of exactly that. I'm not a normal end user, I'm a beauty editor and I only write and report about it when I've tested it and I'm really convinced. Because I can't change every day and I also listen very carefully to what my skin needs and when, there is a considerable selection that you can sometimes see on Instagram... 

What does sustainability mean to you when you think of cosmetics? 

Less is more - use up or donate - buy consciously. And consider what to replace with more sustainable packaging or even packaging-less, like soap bars/bars. I don't think black and white, not all of us will succeed in that, but always a bit more and further - even in our own bathroom. 

If you could only take one beauty product with you to a desert island, what would it be? 

Phew, one thing is not possible... Because: I would say sun protection. Sunscreen always contained filters that I would have to wash off properly, otherwise I would almost certainly get very impure skin along with the sweat from the sun. If I could choose three products it would be a good cleanser, a moisturizing serum or a light care and sunscreen. You see: we are back to question 1 ;) 

How much care does the skin really need? 

As much as she asks. This is as individual as it is complicated or very simple. I always challenge my community to get a relationship and a feeling for their own skin. what does she look like what does she need What do I want to change? Set realistic goals and go for it with a professional. This is exactly what the skin needs and not much more. 

Which active ingredients do you pay particular attention to in your facial care? 

I love vitamin C, I can't do without it anymore. I also really appreciate niacinamide and keep experimenting with retinol because I haven't found anything that doesn't irritate my skin. But I'll soon be working with a medical beautician / dermatologist there too. With such potent active ingredients, you really don't have to go through it alone, even me. 

What advantages do you see in fixed facial care such as a face cleansing bar? 

Definitely the benefit of the packaging. If the bar is used up, it's gone and nothing has to be thrown away. This may not work with every product, but it works with the Cleansing Bar and that's just fantastic in my opinion. 

What trend in the beauty industry have you never understood? 

I actually think it's really cool when people try things out, especially makeup-wise. And that's where I find trends funny, because in the end it's just color that we wash off again. There will always be trends, including when it comes to facial care – some come, like mandelic acid, some stay, like double cleansing, and others go again – like the whole snail slime thing. You can definitely still find them in Asia, but for us it was more of a trend. 

Snails, vampire lifting, botox - have you tried everything? 

Except for snails, everything listed, yes. I have strong facial muscles and corresponding expression lines on my face and meanwhile an 11 between the eyebrows. You can't cream that away, only spray it away. By the way, I don't discuss the topic of aesthetic medicine or minimally invasive procedures and I think everyone can do whatever they want with their face and aging. 

Would you refill your facial care product if refill options existed? 

Naturally! I've often wished for that. Especially with favorite products! I'm often happy when there are XL sizes, but I can really imagine a refill option in the entire bathroom. 

In your opinion, does the beauty industry already take enough responsibility when it comes to environmental protection?

The beauty industry is too big to answer that question broadly. But I think that something is going on. It's important to me to always say that everyone has to do something - small brands as well as large corporations. The latter in particular have a great impact and also serve as a role model, which is why it is very welcome when mass market brands start with recycled packaging, for example, because it also fuels the demand for rPET on the market. But I think that many brands and maybe even online shops should take on even more responsibility. Incidentally, this already starts with the PR broadcasts, which often make me nauseous. It has to be thought of in a more complex way - regardless of whether it is about these emissions, packaging, CO2 footprint or production. I'm always amazed when I see that some brands actually just do what they've been doing since the 90s. And there is a lot of catching up to do in some areas that we should call for. 

What does water as a resource mean to you? 

Water is my friend, water is life. Cosmetics are also created and are not without water - on the contrary: Most products consist of 70% water - by the way, similar to humans themselves. I just had a kidney stone, my second: It came about because I drank too little and he did came out because I drank a lot. Water is a privilege, whether it's the clean, delicious tap water or the daily shower that's part of my morning ritual along with coffee. I can be clean at any point in my life, drink (and eat) as much as I want and take care of myself. Everything is not possible without water and everything cannot be taken for granted - even if that sometimes feels like it to us. Please let's make everyone aware of this over and over again! 

What question should we have asked you? 

When will we stop judging other bodies? 

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