Interview Dariadaria

When it comes to activism, there's no escaping Madeleine Alizadeh - better known as DariaDaria. When it comes to sustainability, politics and other contemporary and socially critical topics, the Viennese activist, author and blogger has been campaigning online for more than ten years - always together with her active community. In our interview, she explains why activism is more important today than ever.


Name: Madeleine Alizadeh
Age : 31 years
Profession : Entrepreneur
Residence : Vienna
Zodiac : Cancer (Scorpio Ascendant, Libra Moon) 

As always, let's start with a few warm-up questions: 

sea ​​or lake? 


Yoga or workout? 


Online or offline demo? 


Day or night person? 


Organic or regional? 


So, let's go dear Maddie! Our UN World Water Day campaign is titled “WE CAN'T BELIEVE WE STILL HAVE TO PROTEST THIS SHIT”. What does activism mean to you personally? 

For me, activism is an attempt to make my ethical understanding of justice heard. 

How do you live out your activism - online and offline? 

I provide information online, try to share relevant content, discuss, sometimes argue. Offline I try to support as many initiatives and movements as possible, be it by attending demonstrations or giving financial support. 

Do you think humanity is already activist enough? 


Who is your biggest activist role model? Who would you like to go for a walk with? 

There are many! Audre Lorde, Angela Davis, Tess Holliday, Melodie Michelberger, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Tupoka Ogette, Phenix Kühnert or Alexandra Stanic - to name just a few. 

You started your own blog in 2010, soon followed by your podcast, your book and your own sustainable fashion label “Dariadéh”. Can you remember a pivotal moment that made you start all of these things? 

Yes! In 2013 I saw the documentary Poison on Our Skin, which changed everything for me. 

What do you want to change with your projects? 

I want to rethink entrepreneurship, especially as a woman. I want to grab the many possibilities that exist, wake them up and aim for a rethink. I want to put my finger exactly where it hurts. 

What is your biggest personal motivation to keep going every day? 

The many other people who tirelessly explain. And of course a portion of hope that everything can somehow, at least a little, get better. 

Due to the pandemic, major events and protests on the streets are currently not possible or only possible to a very limited extent. What advice do you have for your community on how they can still get active and loud? 

Mobilize online as best you can! There are so many initiatives online that you can support them through petitions, online events or crowdfunding. 

Our topic is in particular the protection of our valuable resource water. What does water mean to you? 

For me, water is an underestimated privilege. 

In your opinion, is there enough talk about water conservation? 

Definitely not, especially the loss of biodiversity in freshwater and saltwater is an issue that should be much more present. 

Which book should we all read? 

Two books I read recently: Pathos by Solmaz Khorsand and Body Politics by Melodie Michelberger. 


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