Hygiene is a privilege

Hand hygiene is more important than ever in the current situation - and can ultimately even save lives. However, it is also a fact that this is not equally accessible to all people. And because we manufacture exactly those products that can provide essential help in the current crisis, we have decided to become more involved regionally in the coming weeks with donations in kind. To this end, we have launched our "1-for-1" campaign, in which we donate another soap to non-profit organizations for every soap sold. In addition, of course, as usual, 1% of the sales proceeds go to our worldwide water initiative GOOD WATER PROJECTS with every purchase.


On the occasion of this year's UN World Water Day on March 22, we started our "1-for-1" campaign in the Hamburg area. Over a long weekend, for every soap sold in our online shop, another soap was donated to Hamburger Tafel eV . As a result of this campaign, we were able to distribute a total of 100 soaps as donations in kind to the homeless and needy families. 


Together with our friends from flaconi, our campaign is now going into the second round: From now on we will donate another soap to the Arche Deutschland for every soap sold on our partners' side . In particular, they benefit children and families from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.   

Do you have further questions about our campaigns or anything else for us?

Then please contact hello@stop-the-water.com

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