How to wash yourself green in 2021

In the piece instead of in the plastic tube: Soap, shower gel and shampoo as piece products - a trend that has finally found its way into our domestic bathrooms, piece by piece, especially this year. And that's a good thing, because it's sustainable on many levels. But how does it work with the piece products and what is the best way to use them? We explain the trend and a few tricks for the ideal use of the products. So that you are prepared for a fresh, sustainable start to the new year!

The What: Go waterless! 

The idea behind so-called "waterless piece products" is very simple: go waterless. Because while conventional products often consist of up to 80% water, waterless cosmetics completely do without water as an ingredient. And...surprise: you can do without it, because waterless piece products not only foam, care for and clean just as well as common liquid products, they are also usually much more economical. 

The Why: Save water, CO2 and plastics - all good things come by three 

Sustainable cosmetics no longer mean ingredients, but the entire package of content, packaging and transport. And this is where piece products are at the forefront: because not using water as an ingredient means much more than just saving water: firstly, the lower weight of the products saves CO2 during transport and secondly, waterless products can be packaged in a plastic-free manner, unlike conventional liquid products. Saving water, CO2 and plastic waste: our future for truly sustainable and environmentally friendly body care. 

The How: Foam it up! 

Waterless piece products are easy and also flexible to use. Here are a few little tricks for particularly efficient care:

  1. Foaming : The products foam particularly well with friction and with a little water. Ideally, lather up in your hands before applying and then massage directly into your skin or hair. 
  2. Store dry : The products should be stored on a dry surface after use. Otherwise their surface dissolves unnecessarily. 
  3. Portioning : Thanks to their firm consistency, the products are easy to portion and therefore perfect for travelling. Simply cut off a slice and take it with you! 
  4. All-rounder : It is best to ensure that the products are dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin and hair types. Because without special additives, they can be used multifunctionally and flexibly. Bar shampoos can often also be used to cleanse the body. 
The Best: For You. For 2021. 

For a sustainable new start with skin and hair: a small step for you and a big step on the way to truly sustainable body care. Sounds like a good resolution, doesn't it? 

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