Happy World Earth Day!

April 22, 2018 is World Earth Day. This day wants to inspire us to actively do something for the climate. Even if it's something very small, so that our world will still be around for a long time. Let's take part and take a look at our water footprints today.

Because saving water is easier said than done – in fact, we use more than the average 124 liters of water a day in Germany. This phenomenon is called "virtual water" or "water footprint" and describes the amount of water used to manufacture a product or service. And this across the entire production chain from cultivation and production to manufacture and further processing. For example, 1 kilogram of cheese uses 5,000 liters of water to produce, a computer 20,000, and a t-shirt up to 2,700 liters. On average, we indirectly use up to 4,000 liters of water a day - that's 30 times more than through the mere daily use of water. 

How much water is actually in there? 


water consumption 


20,000 liters 

1 kg of leather 

16,600 liters 

1 kg of beef 

15,455 liters 

1 denim 

11,000 liters 

1 kg of cheese 


1 kg of asparagus 


1 liter of coffee 


1 liter of wine 


1 kg of bananas 

859 l 

1 liter of tea 


Source: http://virtuelles-wasser.de/produktgalerie.html

Conscious Consumption 

The products and consumer goods mentioned above are very often cultivated or manufactured in those countries where there is already severe water scarcity. There is then a lack of water for the local population. Through conscious consumption we can make a direct, positive contribution and at the same time protect the valuable water resources of our planet. For example, by using regional and seasonal products. This ensures that only water from the surrounding area is used. Purchasing products with an organic seal can also stop water pollution from chemicals. In addition, products such as textiles or meat, which have an enormously high water consumption, can be consumed consciously and in moderation - so even small steps can make a big difference. 

one world One climate. one love 

Why is all this so important to us? Because we believe that every day should be World Earth Day. Here are our four favorite reasons why it pays to consciously be a little kinder to the environment: 

  1. Basically, it's like this: There's only this one world, and if we lose it, then we're all lost. 
  2. Everyone has a favorite place. where is yours Probably not on a beach full of plastic waste or a glacial puddle. 
  3. The world wants to be a loving place. A careless use of resources brings the opposite: hatred and war. 
  4. Our children, our ideas and projects should find a world that is worth living in and beautiful. That has air to breathe and water to drink. 

What is your reason for doing something for a greener planet? And what steps do you want to take? Perhaps from now on you will buy regional products more often, eat less meat or ride your bike more often (in line with this year's motto "Sustainable mobility has a future")? No matter what you do, the world will thank you. 



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