Get to know effective organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics from STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME

For more than 10 years we have been using organic raw materials and the power of nature in our products. The natural and effective formulations contain active ingredients that are 100% of natural origin. Around 90% of the vegetable raw materials contained in the products are from controlled organic cultivation, rich in vegetable oils, extracts and butters, but free of silicones, parabens or mineral oil-based raw materials. From facial care to toothpaste, all products are vegan (except for the Lemon Honey care range with organic acacia honey) and 100% biodegradable. Just like organic and natural cosmetics, which convince with the highest quality and at the same time do something good for our "blue planet". 

Our mission is clear: STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! Every natural organic cosmetic is a declaration of love to the skin. With our natural cosmetics, we also guarantee the careful use of valuable resources. The use of organic raw materials reduces the use of pesticides and fertilizers, for example. We know that organic and natural cosmetics can do more than shine with high-quality and purely natural ingredients. 

Starting with the raw materials, through production "Made in Germany" to transport and the refill packs for "Zero Waste", we are committed to and stand up for one of the most important resources on this planet: water. With every purchase of STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! 1% of the proceeds goes to GOOD WATER PROJECTS . We also support other projects on World Water Day or plan campaigns such as the Social Soap Box. organic cosmetics? For us and our 100% natural cosmetics, it is far more than just natural ingredients. Because these are a matter of course for us anyway. The question is, what else can we do? 

Every day pampering from head to toe and with a good feeling. Whether skin, face or hair, with STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! the bathroom becomes a home spa and the care routine becomes a favorite ritual. Our formulations of organic cosmetics are tailored to different care needs. Probably the most beautiful thank you to the body and nature. 

All STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! Order products easily. In addition, our natural products, which are in no way inferior to organic natural cosmetics, can be found in many leading drugstores. 

Less is simply more

With the waterless care series from STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! Organic raw materials, such as those found in organic cosmetics, are used. The only difference is that we simply do without water completely during production. The result? A CO -neutral waterless care series with 100% natural, biodegradable ingredients and 0% water for maximum effect, without compromise. 

What else do we bring with us in terms of pure nature?

Of course e Facial care and face mask

Day in and day out, numerous environmental influences present our facial skin and the natural protective barrier with a multitude of challenges. Stress, nutrition and age also leave their mark and reduce the ability to regenerate, elasticity, resilience and firmness. It is all the more important to support the facial skin naturally and gently. What is the best way to do this? With a soothing and natural facial care with organic raw materials such as organic shea butter and organic sunflower oil. Our natural face creams without microplastics pamper the skin with lots of moisture and lipids from natural ingredients. In addition, valuable essences such as hyaluronic acid nourish the deep layers of the skin. The ingredients can thus promote the development and maintenance of the body's own protective function, stimulate the self-healing powers and make a sallow complexion appear alive again. And we can do a little more than an organic face cream, because our care is developed with our sustainability in mind and brings the statement STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! directly at the same time. 

Our face cream can be found in two versions, so that we can respond to the different demands of facial skin with our day cream. 

The natural facial care with organic ingredients "Parsley Kale Light Face Cream" provides the skin with a lot of moisture and absorbs impressively quickly. Components such as hyaluronic acid penetrate deep into the lower layers of the skin and supply the skin directly, exactly where it needs it most. The natural organic apricot kernel oil in the face cream has hardly any greasy properties, but a delicate scent that bewitches the senses throughout the day. The moisturizing cream with many ingredients in organic quality leaves the skin feeling light and is very well suited for normal to dry skin and as summer care. 

Sometimes the facial skin also needs an organic face cream that pampers a stressed complexion richly. In our range of products made from ingredients that are also used in organic cosmetics, the "Parsley Kale Rich Face Cream" is the perfect companion for a rich supply. As in a nourishing day cream, we have combined high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acids with organic raw materials that penetrate the skin deeply. Enriched with exquisite organic oils, nourishing organic shea butter and extracts from kale, parsley and rosemary, the skin receives exactly the skin-pampering nutrients it needs. The result of the face cream with its organic components: a revitalized, vital and radiant complexion. 

Good choices ! The COe₂-compensated and sustainable natural cosmetics for refilling

With our products, we not only ensure that the requirements of organic cosmetics are met, but also ensure sustainability. The face cream with many organic ingredients and highly effective ingredients as well as our soaps have been developed in such a way that they can be refilled again and again and again with our refills in an uncomplicated and practical way. This protects the water cycle and reduces plastic waste in the long term. This means that sustainable facial care is not only good for the skin, but also good for the environment. 

What else can our range of facial care like organic cosmetics do? 

Detox baby! Natural and refillable face mask

Every now and then, extra care is just the thing for stressed and strained skin. There are also soothing and pampering organic face masks on the market. Our natural Detox Face Masks convince with a combination of ingredients such as mineral earth, kale and parsley herb extract enriched with high-quality organic oils such as organic safflower oil and organic sunflower oil, which clarifies and cares for the skin. The creamy texture of the face masks is particularly easy to spread and after only 10 to 15 minutes leaves the skin feeling wonderfully soft and supple with a noticeable freshness kick. The facial care helps immediately to more well-being. Even impurities can be prevented with organic cosmetics. 

It is important to have cleansed skin before using any natural and organic face mask. This is exactly what our solid bar cleansers are ideal for. How? A solid facial cleanser? Yes, actually why not. Organic cosmetics are also constantly reinventing themselves. This also applies to our natural cosmetics. The cleansing bar as a solid piece is definitely something to look forward to with its ingredients such as white clay and organic oils from thistle and coconut. The perfect buddy for natural and particularly mild daily facial cleansing. 

Organic natural cosmetics? We say: natural care in one go

The Cleansing Bar from STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! contains valuable kale and parsley extracts and numerous other purely natural ingredients, as can also be found in organic cosmetics, so that gentle cleansing of demanding facial skin is ensured. The firm piece reliably removes deposits, dirt and sebum, which noticeably lets the skin breathe again. With organic cosmetics, including our natural cosmetics, the skin is cleaned down to the pores, especially after a long day, and is thus ready for a restful and regenerating night's sleep. In the morning, the Cleansing Bar acts like an energy booster and stimulant for the skin. The slightly subtle and particularly pleasant scent of essential oils immediately puts you in a good mood. Organic cosmetics ensure a really revitalizing start to the day, which is in no way inferior to our natural cosmetics. 

With our Cleansing Bars, we prove that natural facial care can be a bit more sustainable than organic cosmetics. A beautiful complexion and a radiant complexion succeed with us in harmony with the environment and at the same time make a sustainable contribution to the protection of our beautiful planet day after day. 

And don't worry! Like all organic cosmetics, the solid facial cleansing is easy to use. For a long-term effect, the Cleansing Bar is lathered up with a little water in the morning and evening and massaged into damp facial skin with circular movements. At the same time, this stimulates blood circulation and stimulates cell metabolism. Finally, the cleaning care is removed with a little water or a damp cloth. 

On the road ? Facial care with organic ingredients in mini format

Whether at home or on the go, you will never want to be without high-quality organic face creams and our natural cosmetics again. But large containers in luggage quickly become quite uncomfortable and also take up a lot of space. The solution? Natural face care in mini format. Our All Natural Skincare Minis come in a handy size, making them the perfect road trip companion, wherever the journey may take you. 

All our natural facial care products are COe₂-compensated in Germany, vegan , biodegradable and support our GOOD WATER PROJECTS initiative with part of the sales revenue. 

Clean gently : natural soap based on organic natural cosmetics

Our hands are true masterpieces of nature. With them we feel the world, get things done, demonstrate manual dexterity and instinct. The daily challenges often ensure that these are heavily used. Above all, regular hand washing and disinfecting can quickly damage the thin skin of the hands. It is therefore important to support the hands with valuable ingredients, such as those found in organic soap, in the long term. Our All Natural Soap as a natural soap of the highest quality with organic raw materials cleans hands thoroughly and seduces with two wonderful fragrances. 

100% natural soap for 100% gentle cleaning. The nature-based natural washing substances and the ingredients organic acacia honey and organic cucumber extract ensure particularly mild cleansing and provide the skin with additional moisture. The soaps create a noticeably pleasant feeling on the skin that you will never want to be without again. Following the example of an organic soap, we also do without paraffins, silicones, microplastics and synthetic ingredients and fragrances in our recipe for natural soaps. 100% COe₂-compensated, vegan* and biodegradable. 

In our selection of STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! you can discover two of the natural soaps at the same time. "Lemon Honey" and "Cucumber Lime" become everyday companions with pure, essential oils from lemon and lime or organic acacia honey. The soap wonders are available as bar soap or pump dispensers, which can be refilled with a 500 milliliter refill bag or 2 liter refill canister. 

Every purchase of one of our soaps supports our GOOD WATER PROJECTS and helps us protect our planet's most valuable resource. 

Flattering: natural hand cream

Stroke, feel, experience - with our hands we get to know the world in a wonderful way. They are reliable in daily use for us. Time to say thank you for the daily miracles. Our hand cream strengthens the skin with organic raw materials and effectively moisturizes. This supports the skin barrier and, like organic natural cosmetics, nourishes the deep layers. The rich care is quickly absorbed without leaving it greasy and ensures skin that is soft to the touch, at home or on the go. Hold hands? Absolutely! 

In the formulation of the natural hand cream, we have combined precious oils such as organic soybean oil and organic olive oil with organic cucumber extract and organic shea butter. The ingredients comprehensively care for and nourish the skin. The hand cream, just like organic cosmetics, is rounded off with pure essential oils, which fragrantly awaken new energy and provide real joy. 100% COe₂-compensated, vegan*, biodegradable and naturally free of paraffins, silicones, microplastics and synthetic ingredients and fragrances according to an organic hand cream. 

We offer our hand cream in the two variants "Lemon Honey" and "Cucumber Lime", where lemon and lime provide an extra kick of freshness or the mild scent of organic acacia honey spreads a good mood. 

dream couple! Together with our soaps, hand care becomes a real pleasure. The mild, gentle and caring cleaning of the soap lays the foundation for the perfect finish of the hand cream. So well-groomed, it is much easier to tackle our goals properly. 

Do caring good? No question for us. The pump dispensers for the soaps and hand creams can be refilled over and over again with a 2 liter refill canister. This contributes to the reduction of plastic waste in the long term. And every purchase supports our GOOD WATER PROJECTS. Every drop counts for us. 

Have a nice day! Natural shower gel

Whether it's the perfect start to the day or gentle refreshment in the evening, a real shower experience quickly increases well-being and we experience a moment that was made just for us. Feel-good time that becomes something very special with our natural shower gels. At our STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! We rely on mild washing substances and natural ingredients for our shower gels. The formulation with organic coconut oil, organic lemon balm water and organic orange blossom water provides the skin with moisture and gives it an incomparable skin feeling. Like organic body care, our natural shower gels support the protective layer of the skin. Enriched with exquisite essential oils, body and mind are invigorated and brought into harmony. Just as it should be for powerful and revitalizing organic shower gels. 

In addition to the mild and gently cleansing washing substances, our shower gels also contain moisturizing care substances, leave the skin feeling pleasant and prevent the skin from drying out. Of course, when it comes to organic body care, the question of inappropriate ingredients does not arise, and so we also do without synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives as well as paraffins, silicones or microplastics in our natural cosmetics. Our shower gels are COe₂-compensated, vegan and biodegradable. 

Our natural shower gels come in the scents "Orange Wild Herbs" and "White Sage Cedar". The practical pump dispenser is easy to fill up with a 2 and 5 liter refill canister. More well-being for less plastic. A good decision to use organic body care. Even better: Do something good with every purchase of our natural products, as we automatically support the GOOD WATER PROJECTS water initiative with part of the proceeds. 

Creamy pure pleasure with natural body lotion

With an organic body lotion, the skin can be wonderfully pampered after the shower. Our natural body lotion comes with nourishing ingredients and provides the skin with maximum moisture. In no time, nourishing oils such as organic sesame oil conjure up an incomparably smooth skin feeling. The selected ingredients and the well thought-out formulation support the body's own skin barrier and promote regeneration. O ur natural balm comes with an intoxicating fragrance made from 100% natural, essential oils. 

We have three care favorites to choose from and seduce with white organic sage extract and cedar wood, aromatic organic sesame oil and organic shea butter or the refreshing aroma of organic orange blossom water and wild herbs. In our natural body lotions, we do not use silicone, paraffins and other mineral oil-based raw materials. Our lotions are vegan, cruelty-free and biodegradable. 

With our minis, the "travel spa" is also saved, so the natural feel-good program with our handbag-sized shower gel, body lotion and shampoo can be easily taken with you without taking up much space. 

Shine time for the hair with Naturs hampoo

With organic shampoo, bad hair days are guaranteed to be a thing of the past, and so are our products. Our natural shampoos not only gently cleanse the hair, but also provide it with moisture and nourishing ingredients on a natural basis. From the roots to the tips. And quite like organic hair care, without silicone, paraffins or other mineral oil-based raw materials. Instead, selected ingredients such as wheat protein, mild coconut surfactants and essential oils find their place in our "hair miracles". The mild formulation thoroughly cleanses the scalp. Every feel-good hair wash makes the hair easy to comb and smooth. 

All ingredients are vegan and biodegradable. We have refined our natural hair care with the finest fragrances such as organic lavender sandalwood and organic rosemary grapefruit. 

And we also invest part of the proceeds from our hair shampoos in our GOOD WATER PROJECTS initiative. 

Organic shampoo that can do more? Gladly. Our all-natural Waterless Shampoo Bar Bar is made with nourishing organic cocoa butter combined with pampering oils and organic sunflower wax for the perfect combination to cleanse and condition any hair. And all without water. The enchanting fragrance, which invites you to dream, ensures a special experience. 

The extra plus in care: natural conditioner

Sometimes hair needs special attention. Especially when they are dry, stressed and brittle. And that happens faster than expected. Hair dryer heat, UV radiation and numerous environmental influences make our hair very difficult every day. Anyone who participates so much deserves a real wellness program, but please only with nature-based active ingredients. An organic conditioner gives the hair that extra kick of care in an environmentally friendly way. Just like our 100% natural shampoo for all hair types, which ensures revitalized, shiny and easy to comb hair. 

The natural conditioner from STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! uses the power of a vegan and mild formulation that is rich in valuable nutrients. At the same time, the natural ingredients of the conditioner protect each individual hair. To do this, we rely on high-quality active ingredients made from organic coconut oil, organic rosemary oil or organic lavender extract, which are not only effective but also have a wonderful scent that bewitches all the senses. Like organic hair care, our natural hair products are "Made in Germany" with biodegradable ingredients and are COe₂-compensated. Of course we do not use any silicone, paraffins or other raw materials based on mineral oil. 

Instead of a creamy organic conditioner, how about a natural solid conditioner? Like our shampoo, our natural conditioner is presented in one piece. The Waterless Conditioner Bar provides the hair with moisture and numerous nourishing components with high-quality broccoli seed oil and coconut oil. This guarantees an incomparable shine and is produced entirely without water. 

The natural dental care: toothpaste , toothbrush and lip care

Organic cosmetics do not end with face cream, soap and body care. And our natural cosmetics also go one step further. With us, naturalness is guaranteed from head to toe. Our natural and vegan dental care ensures well-groomed teeth and a lively, fresh mouthfeel - all day long. Sea salt, organic mint, organic sage and organic green tea are used for oral health. All nature-based ingredients as well as in an organic toothpaste consist of 100% natural ingredients that prevent tooth decay and strengthen the gums. 

The formulation removes plaque, supports the self-cleaning of the teeth and surprises with a uniquely fresh feeling in the mouth. Daily natural dental care. 

Even on the go, nobody needs to do without natural toothpaste anymore. Our All Natural Mint Tooth Tabs are completely water-free, COe₂-compensated and wrapped in a compostable bag. The solid, vegan oral care can be portioned individually and can therefore be used easily on the go. Consisting of microcrystalline cellulose, xylitol, beetroot and the natural taste of fresh organic mint, they are a great alternative to organic toothpaste. For the easy transport of the All Natural Mint Tooth Tabs, we have developed a tab box that is produced as a COe₂-compensated can from the raw material Sulapac®. This is a combination of sustainable raw materials and plant-based binding agents, all of which are compostable. This is how we reduce the CO footprint in every area. 

The Match!

Our toothpaste makes STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! Bamboo toothbrush looks really good. But what actually makes an organic toothbrush? Our natural Toothbrushes are made from sustainably sourced bamboo, as well as BPA-free m nylon for the soft bristles that gently massage teeth and gums with your daily brushing. Engraved in the handle is our message that we carry around the world: STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! And because organic toothpaste and organic toothbrush are a perfect match, we offer our natural dream couple as a set and add a practical mini tote bag made from 100% organic cotton on top.  

The Finish!

A radiant smile is certain after organic dental care. The only thing missing is the finishing touch. There is one for this Organic lip care the best finish. Our natural lip balm with extracts _ The marigold provides the lips with a large portion of moisture and has a calming effect with a selected combination of organic oils such as organic sesame, organic jojoba and organic apricot kernels . Even dry lips get a maximum freshness kick.  

organic cosmetics ? W e rely on naturalness!

We say no! 

No to microplastics, no to paraffins, no to parabens, no to silicones and no to animal testing! 

We say yes! 

Yes to pure natural cosmetics, yes to water projects and yes to us! 

Say "yes" together! 

Now in Online shop of STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! order

Handpicked organic ingredients, careful processing, careful use of valuable resources such as water and the mission to make this planet a little better every day are what drive us to STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! giving more than "just" producing organic cosmetics. We have been uncompromisingly behind our message since 2011 and actively protect our water resources with projects such as our GOOD WATER PROJECTS. With the purchase of our natural products, our customers help us to achieve something big out of many small deeds. 

Organic cosmetics can be conveniently ordered online. You can also buy our natural cosmetics simply from our online shop and free shipping with DHL GoGreen from just €20. In addition, different payment methods are available here. Good for the skin, good for the environment and good for this planet. Because every drop of water counts. 

*except our
Lemon Honey care range with organic acacia honey

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