Today is the official World Water Day 2016! And yet there are still a billion people without access to clean drinking water. We are therefore proud, happy and grateful to be able to introduce our new Good Water Project to change exactly that. With our new project 'Drop For Change' we bring millions of liters of water to Kenya, where fresh drinking water is scarce. And best of all: Everyone can easily take part!

Water is an absolute luxury in Kenya. Almost two thirds of all schools in Kenya currently have no access to clean drinking water. With our new Good Water Project 'DROP FOR CHANGE' we want to change exactly that! Together with our friends from LifeStraw, we have therefore equipped six schools and around 2,400 students with 32 filter systems, bringing millions of liters of fresh drinking water to Kenya's schools. One system filters up to 100,000 liters of water and does not require any electricity, batteries or other wearing parts. It filters more than 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria and parasites and provides much needed fresh water for up to three years! This is what the unbelievable effect looks like: In addition to the construction of the filter systems, training courses on hygiene and health were part of the project, which is scheduled to run for three years. Our managing director Kaya was there and collected some great impressions:
The best thing about the project: Everyone can take part and become active themselves! For World Water Day we are launching our new bar soap of the variety  Lemon Honey , who help fund the project: 10% of the proceeds from every soap sold goes directly to the project! More information about the new bar soaps is available here!

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