25 Years of World Water Day

Whether wastewater, water quality or water and jobs - since 1993, March 22 as International World Water Day has been all about water. Water Day was the result of a United Nations World Conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. At that time, the UN General Assembly proclaimed World Water Day in a resolution of December 22, 1992. Even 25 years later, the day has not lost its relevance - on the contrary. In addition, the annual World Water Report, which is published on March 22, is one of the most important environmental reports.

Nature For Water 

This year, the motto of World Water Day is “Manage water naturally”. The UN report is thus dedicated to a wide variety of nature-based solutions, such as targeted groundwater recharge, reforestation or the use of wetlands, which play an enormous role in improving water quality and supply. Quasi from nature, for nature! 

Among other things, the report provides new facts and research results on the subject of water. Among other things, UN Water determined that 80% of the world's wastewater is released into nature untreated. This causes environmental pollution, the consequences and extent of which cannot yet be assessed. 

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United Nations For Water 

World Water Day has been organized since 2003 by UN Water, an organization whose goal is to coordinate all United Nations water and sanitation programs. They have made it their mission to ensure universal access to clean water and sanitation for all. World Water Day in particular should help to draw the general public's attention to the global objectives and the local significance. 

All states are therefore called upon to implement World Water Day based on the model of the United Nations and to carry out appropriate actions at national level. For many years now, more and more companies and start-ups have been actively involved in international World Water Day, thus helping to put water on the global agenda. 

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